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Duchovny Maintains ‘X-Files 2’ In The Works
Will there or won’t there be an “X-Files 2” movie?
Questions have been raised over the validity of David Duchovnyís recent claims that a second movie is in the works based on the popular Fox television series, “The X-Files.”
The actor, who starred in the series for 10 years, previously stated that the movie was in the works and scheduled to begin shooting early this year for an early launch in 2006. But now it seems the movie wonít be kicking into gear until December.
“We’re all happy to do it: Gillian and I, Chris Carter,” Duchovny said in a recent interview with Empire magazine. “So, it’s just a matter of getting everybody in the same spot.”
Duchovny again confirmed that the movie will stand alone from the show and will not deal with the alien colonization plot, an arc which became popular in the 1990ís.
Instead, the film will be more like a supernatural thriller. Duchovny said it will resemble the 2003 Vivendi Universal video game release based on the show, “Resist or Serve,” which featured the central characters battling zombies and the undead.
“There’s an idea in place, but Chris won’t show it to anybody,” Duchovny said.
“I think what’s important in looking to do the show in a movie form is that it’s accessible. The first one was conspiracy-oriented, alien-oriented, and I think that alienated some people. They were like, ‘I don’t know the show, I can’t watch it.'”
“I think if you go at it as a supernatural thriller, then it can stand alone, on it’s own,” said the actor who played FBI agent Fox Mulder. “It should be something like ‘The Forgotten,’ very much like an X-File, but you don’t need to know anything before going into it. Then I think it’s more welcoming, so it’s not only for the fans, but for new people who might not know the show.”