Remember him?!?

Robert Plant Gets Trippy
Robert Plant won’t argue with listeners who hear traces of Led Zeppelin on Mighty Rearranger, due May 10th. His first album of original material in twelve years, it’s a formidable mix of tribal beats, bluesy guitar crescendos and mystical balladry.
“I’ve really always had an idea to develop this melange of North African music and the Plant side of Led Zep — to push the two together,” says Plant. “But there’s as much Roni Size and Portishead on this album as there is Zeppelin.”
Plant is even more inspired by another band lately: his own new quintet, the Strange Sensation, which he’s been playing with since 2002’s well-received covers collection Dreamland. He credits their energy with inspiring the new CD’s “committed collection of songs.” “It’s a democracy,” says Plant, who adds that his young bandmates no longer find his stature intimidating. “After three and a half years, they do pass wind when I’m around.”