I love my iPod and I would buy an Ipod Shuffle if I could find one!!

Sony Unveils Line of Cheaper Flash Memory Walkmans
TOKYO/HANOVER (Reuters) – Sony Corp. on Tuesday launched a new lineup of cheaper Walkman portable music players in another attempt to grab back share from market leader Apple Computer and its popular iPod device.
The cheapest models, which come with a 256-megabyte flash memory chip, will retail below 100 euros ($132.20) or 70 pounds, a price point the electronics conglomerate hopes will address complaints that its products are overpriced.
“Until now, the complaint was that Sony products sold at a major premium,” said Gregory Kukolj, general manager of the personal audio group in Europe.
Sony invented the Walkman cassette player 26 years ago and dominated the personal audio market for two decades. But it has watched that lead slip away due to the runaway success of the iPod and growing competition from Asian manufacturers.
Sony’s new flash memory players are equipped with chips capable of storing 256 megabytes, 512 megabytes or one gigabyte of data. The most expensive one-gigabyte model will go for about 240 euros and can store the equivalent of 45 compact discs.
Kukolj conceded that Sony’s new Walkmans would still be more expensive than some brands on the market as the cheapest players can be had for less than 50 euros. But he said the new Walkmans would win over customers with superior features and designs.
Apple’s recently launched iPod Shuffle, its first flash memory player after initial hard-disk based iPods, sells for 99 euros, but unlike Sony’s players, it has has no display.
Sony said some of the new models would come equipped with organic electroluminescence (OLED) displays while some would be able to generate three hours of playback time with just three minutes of recharging.
“The digital player market is still in its early stages. In the European Union alone the personal audio market is 20 to 22 million devices a year. More than 10 million of those are CD portable players … there is a huge opportunity,” Kukolj said.
Sony’s new players will be launched around the world starting later this month. They will be on show at the CeBIT electronic trade fair in Hanover, Germany, this week.