I think I would buy them all!

Coming Soon?
Here’s some cool information from our industry sources on great DVD titles currently being worked on (or planned) by the folks at 20th Century Fox.
The first title we should mention is the one we get the most requests for by far – the long-awaited Office Space: Special Edition. It’s currently in production, and is being actively worked on by director Mike Judge. Look for it sometime later in 2005.
There’s also work being done on a special edition of David Cronenberg’s The Fly. With any luck, it’ll be ready in time to be a Halloween release.
You Denzel fans will be thrilled to learn that Tony Scott’s Man on Fire has being given 2-disc special edition treatment. It’s tentatively planned for release around Father’s Day (so watch for an announcement soon). Expect this to be a great SE, complete with an alternate ending and a version of the film that’s some 20 minutes longer than the theatrical cut.
A lot of you have asked about a more elaborate edition of Alien Vs. Predator. It’s not on the radar at the moment, but that could change depending on how well the current DVD version sells. There is a 2-disc “extreme” edition currently available in the U.K., but it doesn’t include any of the unrated material.
A lot of you have also been asking about the Mel Brooks promotion that Fox had planned for March (High Anxiety was among the titles expected). As we mentioned the other day, this has been delayed indefinitely. The reason apparently is that Fox wants to really give these films the attention they deserve on DVD. Special editions are planned, they’re just going to take some time to realize.
No movement yet on the classic Batman TV series, which is still tied up legally with Warner and D.C. Comics.
Likewise, there’s been no work started yet on the Space Above And Beyond TV series, although the current plan is to try to get this out in early 2006.
Finally today, let’s talk about the BIG Fox title you probably want to know about. No, not Episode III (although you can likely expect that to hit DVD in time for the holidays). We’re talking about James Cameron’s Titanic. Our industry sources have confirmed that a SERIOUS special edition is currently being worked on by Fox. You can expect it to follow a similar pattern to New Line’s Lord of the Rings films on DVD – a 2-disc version and a more elaborate 4-disc edition. Both will feature a sparkling new anamorphic widescreen transfer of the film. Among the many extras you can expect are lots of deleted scenes and tons of “behind-the-scenes” material. Watch for it to be announced later this year for release in the 4th Quarter. As expected, it’ll be released by Paramount here in the States, and Fox internationally.