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Backstreet Boys set to return with new song on March 18
(CP) – The Backstreet Boys were eager to show the paparazzi they were back together, appearing at parties and red carpets throughout Grammy weekend.
The quintet has just completed a CD, set for release in late spring. One of the new songs will hit radio on March 18, said member Kevin Richardson.
“We’re all excited again,” he said. “We just needed a break to recharge our batteries and step back and absorb it all, and realize what happened to us over the last 10 years.”
The so-called Boys have grown considerably since their reign of the teen world. AJ McLean has overcome his alcohol and drug addictions, and Brian Littrell has a new baby, said Richardson.
Boy bands have gone out of flavour so it will be a challenge for the singing group to find a place in the current market, especially since most of their teen fans have moved on to other types of music.
Richardson said other “boys” have managed to stay the course and so will they.
“You still have the Beach Boys and the Beastie Boys,” quipped Richardson.
Thankfully, he admitted the crew will be leaving their aerobic dance moves behind.
“We’re practising what they call ‘dancing without dancing’ right now,” he explained.