The 9th one was sooo boring that this one is going to have to be awesome to get me to watch it! Good luck with that!!

‘Survivor 10’ cast, theme unveiled
The newest Survivors are about to get “Lost.”
Continuing his friendly rivalry with the hit ABC adventure series, “Survivor” producer Mark Burnett told Variety the “Survivor Palau” contestants are going to be marooned — for real.
“They’re given very little instruction about what to do, and some of them are genuinely lost,” Burnett said. “Two people don’t make it to the first challenge. That’s how tough it is. It’s very emotional.”
Debuting February 17th on CBS, the 10th installment of the popular reality show series is rumoured to feature a sweeping war theme to rival the pirate premise of the “Pearl Islands” edition complete with plenty of new twists. The Palau buffs even feature camouflage colours of green, blue and brown. Palau is located in the Pacific Ocean and was the location of many World War II battles. The area is home to all manner of historic ship and plane wrecks from the war’s “Pacific Theater.”
The producers have confirmed the players will start the game as one tribe, they will be given no assistance in surviving life on the island and three players “leave” on the first episode. Internet gossip suggests some of the twists will figure into the war theme with the tribes possibly capturing their foes as PoWs.
On “The Early Show” monday and the official “Survivor Palau” web site, CBS revealed the identities of the 20 new contestants, the largest number of players to ever start the game. Dominated by younger personalities, the new cast features a civil rights attorney, a dolphin trainer, a Vegas showgirl and a New York City firefighter.
The official “Survivor Palau” cast is:
COBY ARCHA: 32, Athens, Texas, Hairstylist.
ASHLEE ASHBY: 22, Easley, S.C., Student.
GREGG CAREY: 28, Chicago, Business Consultant
BOBBY JON DRINKARD, 27, Santa Monica, Calif., Waiter.
KATIE GALLAGHER: 29, Merced, Calif., Advertising Executive.
CARYN GROEDEL: 46, Solon, Ohio, Civil Rights Attorney.
ANGIE JAKUSZ: 24, New Orleans, Bartender.
JOLANDA JONES: 39, Houston, Lawyer.
STEPHENIE LaGROSSA: 25, Philadelphia, Pa., Pharmaceutical Sales Representative.
JONATHAN LIBBY: 23, Dallas, Sales and Marketing.
JENNIFER LYON: 32, Encino, Calif., Nanny.
JAMES MILLER: 33, Mobile, Ala., Steel Worker.
KIMBERLY MULLEN: 25, Huber Heights, Ohio, Graduate Student.
IBREHEM RAHMAN: 27, Birmingham, Ala., Waiter.
IAN ROSENBERGER: 23, Key Largo, Fla, Dolphin Trainer.
WANDA SHIRK: 55, Ulysses, Pa., English Teacher.
WILLIARD SMITH: 57, Bellevue, Wash., Lawyer.
JANU TORNELL: 39, Las Vegas, Vegas Showgirl.
TOM WESTMAN: 41, Sayville, N.Y., N.Y. City Firefighter.
JEFF WILSON: 21, Ventura, Calif., Personal Trainer.