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Musicians’ best quotes of 2004
Here are some memorable quotes – for good and bad reasons – from musicians in 2004:
“It would be nice to win one before I’m on the wrong side of the grass.”
— Rod Stewart on his Grammy hopes (Feb. 4)
“You never know truly how serious that support is until the s— hits the fan, really. And they’ve been there.”
— Janet Jackson on getting fan support following Nipple-gate (May 6)
“I assumed that they were a bunch of beer-swilling idiots who make loud noise.”
— Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster documentary director Joe Berlinger on his mindset before meeting the band (July 11)
“Am I just a guy with a beard now, and hair? Maybe I am that guy.”
— Scruffy but cute Sam Roberts on whether he’ll ever be clean- shaven again (Aug. 1)
“My life is so clearly not what I thought it was going to be. I just need to make that clear. I have no answers.”
— Gwen Stefani on not having yet procreated (Nov. 21)
“I still have to go and pick my own melon. Or the art won’t come.”
— Jill Scott on staying down-to-earth for the sake of her music (Aug. 29)
“It just becomes excessive self-destruction, inhaling pain slowly, until it manifests in a waterfall of nosebleeds, self-mutilation, and three-way sex scenes with men … I know that sounds absurd — if I threw an elephant in, it would probably seem completely unbelievable.”
— Marilyn Manson on the unrated video for (s)Aint, off his greatest hits DVD collection (Sept. 26)
“I love you! God bless you! Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag! It’s A Man’s World! Get On The Good Foot, because I Feel Good!”
— James Brown’s parting words after a fairly coherent 30-minute phone interview (Nov. 28)
“He was just LSD’d out of his mind and reeling like a drunk, singing like Betty Boop, and refusing to be correct, basically. And I thought, ‘This is great.’ ”
— Iggy Pop on seeing Jim Morrison at a University Of Michigan homecoming dance when he was just 19 years old (Jan. 11)
“All my clothes smell like beer, so it went really well.”
— Sarah Harmer on her stint at South By Southwest in Texas (March 23)
“I was crapping myself for that one.”
— Sam Roberts on playing SARS-Stock in 2003 (Aug.1)
“Hollywood people are so retarded! They’re ridiculous! … Girls get jealous. And they’re mean.”
— Ashlee Simpson on the behind-the-scenes drama while attending the Teen Choice Awards (Aug. 13)
“He said, ‘Well, who do you want to play you?’ And I said, ‘I want Halle Berry.’ And Ray said, ‘I’m not that blind, Ruth!’ ”
— Blues legend Ruth Brown on Ray Charles talking to her about his upcoming bio-pic, Ray, before his death (Sept. 16)
“All I had to do was slap Jude Law around a little bit and get mad at him. It was fun.”
— Shania Twain on her cameo in I (Heart) Huckabees (Sept. 18)
“She said to me, ‘You remind me of my ex-boyfriend.’ And I said, ‘Is that good or bad?’ And she said, ‘He gave me VD.’ ”
— Marilyn Manson on recording an unreleased duet with Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson (Nov. 12)
“The only thing I think that Janet did wrong was in only airing out one. It gets musty. The other one should have come out too.”
— Gene Simmons (March 24)
“If people accept me, great. And if they don’t, then that’s fine too. Not everybody is going to love me.”
— Janet Jackson on refusing record company requests to change some of her sexually explicit lyrics on her latest album (May 6)
“We hate each other’s guts! No, we’re like the battling Bickersons. We would just bicker, bicker, bicker and nitpick, and pick each other to death.”
— Bette Midler on why she hadn’t worked with original piano accompanist Barry Manilow in 30 years until her latest album (Jan. 7)
“I think I’m probably a lot more relaxed. I don’t have to get s—faced drunk anymore, like we used to in The Faces.
— Rod Stewart on how his approach to performing has changed since the ’60s (Feb. 14)
“It’s just a record. It’s a bunch of songs. It’s me and my band. I’m not the second coming.”
— Norah Jones on her much anticipated sophomore album (Feb. 17)
“It’s funny how some things just vanish as part of your daily life — like hockey and balanced news.”
— Hip guitarist Rob Baker on recording their latest album in the U.S. (June 27)
“I gave this big power point presentation … I get this impression that not many artists bother with that kind of s—. They said if my CD didn’t go well, they’d offer me a position at Sony!”
— Newcomer Nellie McKay on convincing record label reps to release her debut as a double CD (March 25)
“I’m feeling great — just mean, a little ornery.”
— Loretta Lynn, dismissing tabloid reports she was on her death bed from her second bout with double pneumonia (Aug. 26)
“I thought I’d sound like Carol Channing, but I’m actually quite soft-spoken. ”
— Rufus Wainwright on seeing himself on screen playing himself opposite Glenn Close in the upcoming Merchant-Ivory film, Heights (Feb. 4)
“But a lot of people hate us up here too, okay? … They do. And it’s cool. We’re not for everyone you know.”
— Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie dismissing why questions linger about the band not making it in the U.S. after two decades (Nov. 24)
“If anything would stop our band now, it would be just us deciding that we don’t have anything else to say together, which I find highly unlikely, but you never know. If I’ve learned anything from that terrible period, it’s that you can’t assume anything. You never know what life is going to throw at you.”
— Rush singer-bassist Geddy Lee on the band almost breaking up during a five-year hiatus as drummer Neil Peart grieved the loss of his daughter in a car accident and his wife to cancer (Aug. 22)
“During the hardship of my childhood, Dolly Parton was such a staple of my life … And so to have her there, it was just really weird and it was very emotional. It was a personal moment, that’s what it was, and it was on TV.”
— Shania Twain on crying on Oprah during an appearance with Dolly Parton (Oct. 29)