No, seriously! There is someone else on that show besides Kate (as played by the incredible Evangeline Lilly)?!?!?

Despite all the beautiful people trapped on the mysterious island on ABC’s hit drama, “Lost,” fans are increasingly obsessed with the back story of the lovable fat kid, Hurley.
But they’re probably going to be forced to wait until the end of the season to find out who he really is.
Web sites like Ain’t It Cool News ó typically a very reliable place for inside information about movies and TV shows ó report that viewers probably won’t learn Hurley’s past until the end of the season.
Even Jorge Garcia, the actor who plays Hurley, doesn’t know for sure, but thinks it could be as early as February.
Speculation on the ‘Net about Hurley’s past has ranged from him being a Dungeons & Dragons role-playing gamer to a deadly saboteur. A cryptic remark he made, “Back home, I’m a warrior myself,” has kept fans guessing.
“I think I get to shoot it in January, and you all will see it in February,” Garcia wrote on the cast and crew’s official Web site, The Fuselage, about his episode.
But plans sometimes change, especially on “Lost,” a hit show with a storyline so cloaked in secrecy, it rivals that of the “X-Files,” in which producers distributed scripts to the actors on colored paper so it couldn’t be photocopied.
Even the cast of “Lost” doesn’t know in which direction the series is headed.
“We find out a few weeks earlier when we read the script [or if someone’s really ambitious they sneak a peek at the treatment],” Garcia wrote. “We read it and get the new revelations, but then we can’t wait to watch because little things get cut or changed from our draft.
“I assure you we are just as into it as you guys ó we’re just few chapters ahead,” wrote the amicable actor, who has become known on the Web site for his frequent, friendly interaction with fans.