The Simpsons

Awesome, absolutely awesome!!

Ricky Gervais, the mastermind behind the BBC’s cult hit “The Office,” will write an episode of “The Simpsons.”
“I had lunch with [series creator] Matt Groening and we chatted over some bits and pieces,” Gervais told The Post yesterday.
“I’d already been in talks with [executive producer] Al Jean about doing a voice for the show, and he said it might be a good idea for me to have a go,” he said.
Gervais, who called “The Simpsons” “the greatest TV show of all time,” also called the assignment “intimidating.”
“It’s like improving the Mona Lisa, you know, ‘Give her a bigger smile,’ ” he said, adding that he’s got some ideas for the episode.
“It’s not so much a plot as a theme,” said Gervais, who’s also gearing up for his first post-“Office” series, “Extras.”
“I got some sample bits and pieces that might happen; what I’m doing is banging it down as I go along and sending it to Al [Jean],” Gervais said.
Gervais said the show’s writers will help whip his ideas into shape.
“Me banging down a couple of ideas is one thing, but it’s not an episode of ‘The Simpsons’ until it’s had the full treatment from the show’s writers,” he said.
“But whatever happens ó if they look at it and say, ‘Sorry, it’s rubbish,’ or if it gets on the air ó they asked,” he said.
“It’s a pleasure for me to do things like this. The awards, money and fame are secondary ó I still get to do exactly what I want and I get offers from people like Al Jean.”
Gervais said he has “no idea” when his “Simpsons” episode will air on Fox.
“There are so many ‘ifs’ along the way,” he said. “I could just burst into tears and have a breakdown and say I can’t do it.”