The Crue is back for you!!

Crue Team
Motley Crue will stage reunion tour in 2005. The band’s manager says a tour, a new single, and a greatest-hits album is in the works.
The bad boys of metal Mˆtley Cr¸e will be shouting at the devil at a stadium near you some time in 2005, says the band’s manager, but it’s still in the works. ”We’re holding buildings, sitting down and negotiating with everyone, but nothing is done,” Mˆtley Cr¸e manager Allen Kovac reports to Billboard.
Kovac’s announcement was prompted by a group of fans who mailed out what appears to be a press invitation to a band event for Dec. 6 in front of the Whisky Club in Hollywood. The invitation claims that Mˆtley Cr¸e is ”coming to a stadium near you,” though closer examination reveals it will be no more than, as Kovac puts it ”a seance trying to will [a reunion] to happen.” The band will not appear at the event.
Kovac also reports that the band will release Red, White & Cr¸e, a greatest-hits album, in Feburary, featuring a new single ”If I Die Tomorrow.” Meanwhile, original Cr¸e member Tommy Lee has taped a reality show for NBC. The show follows Lee at the University of Nebraska, as he goes back to college, even joining the school marching band. I wonder if that means Cr¸e will be adding a brass section.