Every time she watches it, does an angel get their wings?

Little girl in It’s a Wonderful Life now watches the movie for the little things
LANCASTER, N.Y. (AP) – Who hasn’t spent part of a holiday season watching It’s a Wonderful Life?
But even the most devoted fans of Frank Capra’s 1946 classic film might find something new in its black-white images after listening to Karolyn Grimes. She played Zuzu Bailey, the little girl with the memorable movie-ending line: “Look, Daddy: Teacher says that every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings.”
Grimes, now 64, said she’s seen the movie, starring James Stewart and Donna Reed, so many times she’s beyond paying attention to the story and acting and instead focuses on the subtleties others may overlook.
“Like for instance, there’s a point where Mary and George are asked to go to Florida with Sam Wainwright and his wife. Very subtly, (Mary) rubs her tummy – and that night she tells him she’s on the nest,” Grimes said.
Grimes has a whole presentation about such moments, which she attributes to “the magic of Frank Capra.”
“So many people love this film,” she said during a stop in this Buffalo suburb, where she introduced the Lancaster Opera House’s stage production of the story.
“It’s such a part of the Christmas celebration nowadays that it’s become part of our culture.”