He would be better suited for “Johnny English” over “James Bond.”

Colin Firth rules out third Bridget Jones film; ‘not averse’ to playing 007
NEW YORK (AP) – Colin Firth is done being Bridget Jones’s nice guy, but he’s not against donning British agent 007’s tuxedo.
“At the moment, I can’t think of anything I would be less attracted to,” says Firth about the possibility of a third Bridget Jones film. However, the 44-year-old actor tells Entertainment Weekly magazine that he’d seriously consider taking over the James Bond franchise from Pierce Brosnan. Unlike another famous Colin – Colin Farrell, who says he’s not interested in the role despite being Brosnan’s choice – there’s been no talk of Firth grabbing Bond’s Walther PPK.
“No one has approached me, but I would not be averse to it,” Firth tells EW in its latest issue.
Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, the sequel to the 2001 original, stars Firth as the stiff tacky sweater-wearing lawyer Mark Darcy and Renee Zellweger as Bridget Jones.
Firth, whose screen credits also include Love Actually and Shakespeare in Love, said he isn’t interested in Mark Darcy-like roles.
“I’m attracted to dark stuff,” he said, “and I’m in that mode right now.”