Plaid-clad WKRP ad man Tarlek to appear in new Rheostatics video
TORONTO (CP) – Baby, if you’ve ever wondered, wondered whatever became of WKRP in Cincinnati’s Herb Tarlek, look no further than Toronto.
Frank Bonner, who portrayed the plaid-clad advertising salesman on the beloved TV comedy series, will be in the city Wednesday filming a video with Canadian rockers the Rheostatics.
The band has a song on its new album, 2067, called The Tarleks.
According to the Rheos’ record company, Bonner frequently turns down requests to reprise the Tarlek role, but said yes to the video because he likes the new song.
WKRP in Cincinnati, which also starred Loni Anderson and Gordon Jump, ran from 1978 to 1982.
In case you’ve been living under a pop culture rock, the series followed the hijinks at a Top 40 radio station and featured a cast of memorably offbeat characters including Bonner’s Tarlek, who was married but spent much of his time making advances towards Anderson’s character, station receptionist Jennifer.