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Secrets of ALIAS
J.J. Abrams, currently busy with MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3, gave the 411 about the upcoming season of ALIAS wiht TV Guide Online.
Even though some fans were highly disappointed by season three, Abrams says that he’s proud of it and that viewers will, as season four is unveiled, like season three better because it helped build the foundates of the upcoming season. However, he admits he there were some mistakes done last year: “I think one of the biggest mistakes I made last year was to let story and plot dictate episodes rather than have our characters run the show. There was no more Sydney as a real, normal person.” But fans can rest assured, Abrams confirms that this season we’ll get back to the show’s roots and see Sydney as a person and not just a suit.
The ALIAS guru also makes a few revelations about the upcoming season. This season’s two-hour premiere will solve season’s three cliffhanger involving Sydney finding out something shocking Jack did. Melissa George is not schedule to come back at the moment. They are trying to get Bradley Cooper to reprise his role of Will in at least one episode.
Since Mia Maestro is now a regular, viewers can expect the relationship between sisters to be explored. “[The sisters relationship] won’t be without its issues. Ultimately, it’ll be very relatable, the kinds of things siblings experience, but transposed onto that sort of odd universe of ALIAS,” J.J. Abrams reveals.
The fourth season will also allow the characters to return to the dynamic that worked best for them. “Sloane will no longer be a peripheral character. Vaughn will no longer be the kind of meandering betrayer of Sydney. Marshall won’t just be another mouthpiece in conference-room scenes. Dixon will no longer be the authority figure. And Jack will no longer just be the milquetoast dad.”
ALIAS fans shouldn’t expect Lena Olin to grace the screen again as Irina Derevko even if the ALIAS people would love to have her back. Sark will come back but as a guest star and not a regular.
ALIAS returns on ABC in January 2005.