Phasers set on … delayed!

‘Generations’ DVD lost in space
The Star Trek universe is no longer unfolding as it should: Paramount Home Entertainment yesterday suspended the Sept. 7 release of the Special Collector’s Edition of the 1994 hit film Star Trek: Generations.
Due to a technical error that left two promised trailers missing from the set, Tuesday’s release has been recalled. It could take weeks to get the set re-packaged, re-marketed and re-issued, Paramount officials said.
Everything else promised on the package is on the set, including three hours of bonus materials. They include a commentary by co-writers Brannon Braga and Ron Moore, production documentaries, visual effects insights, three scene deconstructions, a Picard family album, three deleted scenes, an alternate ending and live premiere footage.
But two measly trailers totalling three or four minutes of running time — one a teaser, the other the theatrical trailer — went AWOL and ruined the release. It sounds trivial, but Paramount officials do not want to risk alienating their hard-core Trek fans by promising something on the DVD cover that is not included inside.
When the new sets come out later this fall, the trailers still will not be included, but the packaging will not list them in the contents. Yesterday’s decision could end up costing Paramount millions of dollars and frustrate millions of Trekkies, who have eagerly gobbled up the series of Special Collector’s Editions of the Star Trek movie catalogue.
Generations is the film that combined key members of the two most famous Star Trek casts, the original one led by Canadian William Shatner as Cpt. James T. Kirk and the Next Generation one led by Englishman Patrick Stewart as Cpt. Jean-Luc Picard. Stewart was supposed to be in Toronto last weekend to meet Trek fans at a convention but cancelled due to illness.