Have you got Oscar fever yet?!?

Deadline Arrives for ‘Fahrenheit,’ ‘Super Size Me’
LOS ANGELES ( – Even though Michael Moore has been covering the Republican National Convention, he probably hasn’t forgotten one significant date.
Wednesday, Sept. 1 is the official submission deadline for short subject or feature-length documentaries that are seeking Oscar consideration for the upcoming 77th Academy Awards.
The record-breaking success of Moore’s controversial “Fahrenheit 9/11” — his take on President Bush’s handling of the Sept. 11 attacks and the Iraq war — has made 2004 the year of the documentary. Although a nomination is fairly assured, it remains to be seen whether the filmmaker can earn a second Oscar after his win for 2002’s “Bowling for Columbine.”
The second most popular documentary for the year is Morgan Spurlock’s “Super Size Me,” in which the filmmaker examines the effects on his health from eating three square McDonald’s meals daily for a month. A nice bit of controversy also surrounded this film, with the fast food giant crying fowl — that is, foul — for its negative depiction.
Other likely contenders include: “Control Room,” about the Arab news outlet Al Jazeera; “Riding Giants,” abut surfing massive waves; musical docs “Metallica: Some Kind of Monster,” “Mayor of the Sunset Strip” and “Festival Express”; “Bukowski: Born Into This” and Disney’s “America’s Heart and Soul.”
To qualify for consideration, filmmakers must submit a synopsis of the film, a 12-month theatrical exhibition plan, film credits, filmographies of the director/producer, scene stills, 20 video copies of the film and proof of qualifying exhibition.
Nominations will be announced on Tuesday, Jan. 25. The 77th Academy Awards will be televised live from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood on Sunday, Feb. 27.