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SCTV Network 90 – Volume 2!!

The SCTV – Volume 2 set has been announced by Shout! Factory for release on October 19th!
Here’s a list of the special features on the set:
Larger Than Life: The Norman Seeff Photo Sessions
In 1982 SCTV knew it had hit the big time when famed music photographer Norman Seeff arrived for a weeklong photo assignment for Life magazine. A rare look back at SCTV at a time when it was changing the face of television.
SCTV Remembers, Pt. 2
Joe Flaherty and Eugene Levy recently sat down and talked for hours about SCTV, including the origin of some of their most memorable characters.
The SCTV Writers
In the fall of 2003, the Emmy award-winning writers discussed the process of writing for and with the legendary ensemble cast. Hosted by Second City producer Dick Blasucci.
The Juul Haalmeyer Dancers
Juul explains the origins and all the backstage secrets of the famous dance group that bears his name.
A Behind-The-Scenes Photo Gallery
SCTV’s hair, makeup and wardrobe achievements are legendary. This gallery of never-before-seen photos is from the collection of SCTV hair designer Judi Cooper Sealy.
SCTV At The 1982 Emmy Awards
SCTV wins for Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music or Comedy program.
A photo-packed 24-page booklet with an essay by Howard Rosenberg, the Pulitzer-Prize winning television critic for the Los Angeles Times from 1973 – 2003
Episodes include:
EPISODE #88 CCCP 1 – Broadcast October 11, 1981
EPISODE #89 I’m Taking My Own Head… – Broadcast October 23, 1981
EPISODE #90 Zontar – Broadcast October 27, 1981
EPISODE #91 Walter Cronkite’s Brain – Broadcast November 9, 1981
EPISODE #92 Doorway to Hell – Broadcast November 16, 1981
EPISODE #93 The Godfather – Broadcast December 9, 1981
EPISODE #94 SCTV Staff Christmas Party – Broadcast December 18, 1981
EPISODE #95 Teacher’s Pet – Broadcast February 12, 1982
EPISODE #96 Midnight Video Special – Broadcast February 19, 1982
The DVDs have a total running time of around 13 hours, and will carry a suggested retail price of $89.98 US.
We can also expect volume 3 to be released in Feb, 2005!