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American Idol Castoff to Make Christmas Album, Film
MACAU (Reuters) – American Idol’s most famous castoff is making a Christmas album and starring in a Cantonese film.
William Hung, whose hatchet job of Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” catapulted the ethnic Chinese engineering student to fame, said he expected the album to hit the shops shortly before Christmas. He did not give details.
“Singing and entertainment are now my first priority,” Hung told reporters in Macau during a publicity gig Saturday.
In January, Hung became famous for his less-than-stellar performance of the Ricky Martin song in an audition for the Fox reality TV series “American Idol.”
With his bad singing and stiff dancing Hung became a pop culture icon and has since released music videos and an album.
Hung said Saturday he was also shooting a Cantonese movie about a mother who was “crazy about her son,” co-starring veteran Hong Kong actress Nancy Sit Ka-yin Sit who is well known among the Chinese-speaking community worldwide.
About 100 fans cheered the flamboyantly dressed Hung, who had drawn dozens of journalists from Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China.
“He has kept his silly style,” said a young woman, who identified herself as Iris.