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Jessica Simpson excited about Vancouver sushi, but says she doesn’t eat fish
VANCOUVER (CP) – Seafood continues to mystify pop star Jessica Simpson, who plans to investigate Vancouver sushi when she’s in town.
“I’m not a fish person,” she said, before listing sushi consumption as one of the things she is looking forward to during her day off in Canada’s raw fish mecca. “Oh yeah, but I eat shellfish,” explained Simpson, as she prepares for a show in Vancouver on Friday, one of her first Canadian dates in years and the only one on her current tour.
Shrimp maki it is. Or maybe vegetable rolls would be safer for the diva who shocked even grade schoolers when she thought Chicken of the Sea brand tuna might be some sort of sea chicken and not tuna at all.
Her equally thoughtful husband, former boy band member Nick Lachey, tried to reason with Simpson as she ate the mystery meat from the can on her reality show, Newlyweds.
“I don’t eat fish. Not a fish eater, that’s why I was confused for a split second.”
She said she also can’t wait to go shopping in Vancouver, which should prove less of a challenge for the clothes-loving diva.
Certainly it won’t be as difficult as selling tickets to her concert. A few days before her show at GM Place, some 2,500 seats were still available.
She said criticism doesn’t faze her anymore, not after being ripped in the press for having an IQ deficit more glaring than her bleach blond hair. Exposing her flaws on a reality show actually boosted her self-esteem, she said.
“Honestly, I think it helped me. It helped my career and it helped my self esteem. Not having to look perfect in the public was the best thing that ever happened to me. Everything that was expected from me just wasn’t there anymore,” she said in her southern drawl, her new malti-poo puppy yipping in the background.
For the uninformed, a malti-poo, Simpson confided, is a maltese poodle.
She said people identify with her now that they’ve seen she’s a real person who fights with her husband and says silly things sometimes.
“It made me more on their level. It was great for people to see a celebrity who walks the red carpet and is on the cover of a magazine not having the perfect life.”
Simpson has evolved into quite the self-assured young woman in the past few years, which saw her make the jump from makeshift stages in mall parking lots to headlining stadium shows.
It wasn’t easy to get up in front of people at first, she said, because she had a lot of zits.
She can now be seen gushing about the traumatic pimple plague during prime time in commercials for an acne cream.
“Skin is a huge part of your self-esteem. It’s something you can’t hide. If you’re a bit overweight you can wear a baggy sweatshirt and feel bit better about yourself,” she says.
Finding the topical solution that now makes up one of her many endorsement deals not only cleared up her skin, it also helped the diva “heal on the inside.”
She says she can’t wait to show off her glowing skin, all of it, when the cameras finally get shut off and the final cuts of Newlyweds are done.
“We need some time alone to run around naked. I’m really looking forward to it,” she said.
Now that Simpson and Lachey aren’t newlyweds anymore, life is just beginning for the couple, she said.
Simpson has to decide whether she will sacrifice her blond locks in the name of art and take on the role of Daisy in the Dukes of Hazzard.
“I don’t love myself as a brunette, but I’ll have to go darker,” she said stoically.