Today is the day! Right now, I’m probably driving around in my car listening to “THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS”, the new 2 CD Van Halen greatest hits collection!! Wooo hoooo!!

Van Halen Is Back!
For years I’ve waited for Sammy Hagar to rejoin Van Halen.
He’s finally back, although we still haven’t been given an explanation, and Van Halen is now on tour!
And today, THREE NEW SONGS are available on the new 2 disc “The Best Of Both Worlds” compilation.
Here’s the complete track listing!
Disc: 1
1. Eruption
2. You Really Got Me
3. Ainít Talkiní íBout Love
4. Jamieís Cryiní
5. Runniní With The Devil
6. Beautiful Girls
7. Dance The Night Away
8. And The Cradle Will Rock…
9. Everybody Wants Some
10. Unchained
11. Dancing In The Street
12. (Oh) Pretty Woman
13. Hot For Teacher
14. Jump
15. Panama
16. Iíll Wait
17. Why Canít This Be Love
18. Dreams
19. Best Of Both Worlds
20. Love Walks In

Disc: 2
1. When Itís Love
2. Finish What You Started
3. Feels So Good
4. Black And Blue
5. Poundcake
6. Runaround
7. Right Now
8. Top Of The World
9. Canít Stop Loving You
10. Not Enough
11. Itís About Time (NEW!)
12. Learning To See (NEW!)
13. Up For Breakfast (NEW!)
14. Ainít Talkiní íBout Love (Live)
15. Jump (Live)
16. Panama (Live)
And for all you fans, here’s another Van Halen related story:
Summer Concerts: Playing and Paying
Van Halen and back-again lead singer Sammy Hagar are selling thousands of tickets for their summer tour, and that means big-time cash forÖ former lead singer David Lee Roth? That’s right, because top musicians don’t have to play onstage to get well paid. It’s all about doing the rights thing, and as the summer concert season heats up, so are the rights fights.
As entertainment attorney Barry Littman explains, Roth gets paid even though he’s not touring with Van Halen because, legally, he is a composer of all of Van Halen’s early original work.
“If you have an immensely successful concert that’s focused on David Lee Roth-Van Halen tunes, he’s going to see more money than if Van Halen never went on tour,” Littman notes. “The composers of the song are listed and each of them will have the right to get paid for anybody else performing their song live.”
Equal legal credit is a common practice in the music industry. A lot of bands, like REM, U2 and Coldplay, their big thing is to make all of the band members the owners of the songs. That way, there’s no confusion, no dispute over who owns the songs. They can all perform them, they all get the royalties and they all get the money.
But some bands, like The Calling, who made it big with “Where Ever You Will Go,” don’t share the credit equally. Last year, The Calling’s ex-bassist Billy Moeler and ex-drummer Nate Wood slapped singer Alex Band and guitarist Aaron Kamin with a lawsuit, after Moeler and Wood claimed they were not being compensated fairly for their work on The Calling’s 2002 tour.
When you look at the songs on ëCamino Palmero,’ which was The Calling’s first album, (the credits are) Alex Band and Aaron Kamin. They own the songs, so when they perform them in concert, or whatever they do from here on out, they don’t have to pay anybody.
“So much of the money in music is in the writing of the songs,” says songwriter Seth Swirsky, who’s penned hits for artists like Celine Dion and Taylor Dayne. Seth is also a Beatles aficionado who recognizes the financial importance of having your name right next to the title of the song. “If you notice the song writing credits, it’s Lennon-McCartney,” Swirsky observes. “This is why John Lennon and Paul McCartney made so much more money than George Harrison and Ringo Starr.”
Meanwhile, this summer, Slash and Duff McKagan, formerly of Guns N’ Roses, hope to make money when they tour as the band Velvet Revolver, with Stone Temple Pilots front man Scott Weiland. And, as Littman reminds us, “Slash can play any Guns N’ Roses song with any band that he wants to put together.”
So even though Sash and Duff are currently in the middle of this bitter lawsuit against Axl Rose, they will still make him money all summer long by playing Guns ëN Roses tunes on the road.