Beauty, eh?

“Survivor” could be headed to Canada, eh.
Series creator Mark Burnett says the venerable CBS reality show could be hitting the Great White North as soon as fall 2005, which would be its 11th installment.
“We could be heading to Canada for ‘Survivor,’ ” Burnett told the Toronto Sun, but stopped short of making a definite commitment.
Should “Survivor” ever head up north, it would mark a radical departure for the show, which has always been set in hot climates.
The warm settings allows its female participants to scamper around in skimpy outfits รณ and some male contestants, like big, hairy Richard Hatch, to walk around buck-naked (much to the consternation of contestants and viewers alike).
Burnett is no stranger to Canada, having begun his career as a producer of “Eco-Challenge” in British Columbia.