Downloading doesn’t help music sales: Survey
The music industry hopes a new study will dispel the argument that people who download music are just song samplers who will eventually go out and buy the CD version.
Commissioned by the Canadian Recording Industry Association, the Pollara Inc. survey estimated more than 180 million tracks are downloaded every month by Canadians.
The results suggested that between the fall of 2001 and spring 2004, the number of people who admitted using Kazaa jumped from 8 to 26 per cent. It found that almost half of those who visit file-sharing sites downloaded between 20 and 100 songs in the past month.
Meanwhile, 28 per cent of the people surveyed who reported buying less music in the last 12 months said the decline was mainly due to downloading, file sharing and CD burning.
Fifty-two per cent of music consumers who don’t download said they paid for music in the past month. Thirty-five per cent of downloaders said they’d bought tunes in the past month.
When those who’d purchased were asked how they heard about the CD, only 2 per cent cited downloading.
The 1,200 people were surveyed between March 12 and April 5. Only people who’d either bought music or downloaded from file-sharing sites in the past six months were surveyed. There is a 2.5 per cent margin of error, 95 out of 100 times.