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New Weezer Album Moving Slowly
Weezer is still in the demo stages of work on its fifth studio album, despite initial plans to hit the studio several months ago. “The extensive demo work that [frontman] Rivers [Cuomo] has been doing for most of the spring is now winding down — later than expected, but the extra work he put in has apparently really paid off in the songs,” reads a post on the band’s official Web site.
Weezer is still hoping to release the as-yet-untitled set by the end of the year or early 2005, even “though things are behind where we originally thought they’d be at this point.” Rick Rubin has been enlisted to produce.
“The next few weeks will be transitional, but there isn’t yet a solid schedule in place,” the site reports. “The goal is to shift from the current ‘demo’ situation into band rehearsals, where the guys will get their parts sorted out on the songs, and then move on to the recording session.”
Potentially complicating matters is the possibility that Cuomo may re-enroll for a semester at Harvard, which he last attended in 1997. “This has been discussed by the band, and its understood that the school break wouldn’t interfere with the album’s release, as most albums have a 3-4 month period of planning, marketing, etc, before release anyway — about the amount of time the semester would require,” the site says.
Of late, Cuomo had been posting cover songs on his own Web site, including John Denver’s “Annie’s Song” and “Tomorrow,” from the musical “Annie.” But he recently removed the MP3s from his site, reporting that “there are concerns in Weezer’s camp about the legality of posting cover songs.”