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Long in the Works, Charles Biopic Nears Release
NEW YORK (Billboard) – When Ray Charles passed away June 10, he left more than his music as testament to his talent and influence.
The Universal Pictures movie “Ray” (formerly titled “Unchain My Heart: The Ray Charles Story”) is a tribute to Charles’ life and legacy. Jamie Foxx portrays Charles in the film, which opens Oct. 29 in U.S. theaters.
Curt Sobel, music supervisor and music editor for “Ray,” gave Billboard an exclusive insider’s story about the film.
“Ray Charles OK’ed the script, and he was 100% supportive of what we were doing in telling his life story,” Sobel said.
Although Foxx did much of his own singing, Charles’ vocals are a huge part of the movie. Sobel worked with the singer to re-record many of his classic songs.
“If there were that were unavailable, or if they didn’t match the script, we had Ray come in and do the songs,” says Sobel. “Jamie only sang on the set, not in the studio. We felt that many of the older songs needed to have Ray’s vocals.”
Rhino/Atlantic/Warner Strategic Marketing will release the soundtrack Aug. 24.
Taylor Hackford directed “Ray,” which covers Charles’ life from 1935 to 1979. James L. White and Hackford wrote the screenplay.
“The way the script was written, they told Ray’s life through the songs,” Sobel says. “You’ll hear a song like ‘Hit the Road Jack’ in a scene when Ray has a fight with his wife Margie.”
Sobel elaborates on his musical responsibilities for the film. “I was more like a musical director than anything else. Taylor decided that nothing on the film would happen musically unless it went through me first.
“So that meant everything from choosing the pianos to coordinating the dance routines with the Raelettes to working with Jamie Foxx on the musical numbers.”
Making the film was a labor of love, Sobel adds. The picture was an independent production until Universal signed on in March for distribution, long after filming wrapped last year. Prior to that, the movie had been in development for 16 years.
“We had budgetary constraints,” Sobel says. “Everyone took a paycheck cut for this picture.”
Sobel says his favorite memories of working on the film include his initial meetings with Charles.
“I was there the first time Jamie met Ray. Jamie was tongue-tied at first, but Ray was so warm and giving of himself. They ended up sitting at pianos side by side and playing music and telling stories.
“I happened to bring a digital video camera with me to record those meetings. We made a ‘making of’ documentary, which will probably end up on the ‘Ray’ DVD. I deeply regret Ray’s passing; it’s an incredible loss to the world.”
As a music editor, Sobel’s credits include “X-Men,” “I Am Sam,” “La Bamba” and “Risky Business.” He previously worked with Hackford on the films “Proof of Life,” “Dolores Claiborne,” “Bound by Honor,” “Chuck Berry: Hail, Hail, Rock ‘n’ roll,” “White Nights,” “Against All Odds” and “An Officer and a Gentleman.”
Sobel says, “Everything Taylor and I worked on before was like practice for ‘Ray.’ This movie is definitely a highlight of my film career. I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked on this movie.”