Good for her!

Lohan Apologizes to Mental Health Watchdogs
Teen star Lindsay Lohan has apologized to mental health watchdogs who slammed her for repeatedly using the word “retarded” in interviews. The Mean Girls actress, 17, has used the slang term several times in recent chats with journalists, using it to deflect questions about her alleged breast implants, to describe the paparazzi and to rubbish reports of a feud with rival star Hilary Duff. And Maryland, America based mental health organization The ARC Of The United States president Lorriane Sheehan is not happy. She says, “There are few more deeply wounding words than these, which are painful reminders that people with disabilities are still not fully welcome in our society.” But Lohan’s spokeswoman Leslie Sloane Zelnik says her client had no intention of upsetting people suffering from mental or physical disabilities at all. Zelnik says, “It wasn’t meant to offend anyone – it was used as slang. She’ll be more cautious and conscious in the future.”