Isn’t this guy at 15 minutes yet?!?!

William Hung Inspires DVD
“Idol” reject also headed for big screen
William Hung is going to spend much of 2004 stretching his fifteen minutes of fame. Next up for the University of California engineering student turned American Idol reject, whose Inspiration album debuted at Number Thirty-four in April, is the DVD Hangin’ With Hung on June 29th.
Hangin’ will include new interviews with Hung; the “She Bangs” video and the making of it; the Fuse network special Idol Worship and several other Hung TV appearances; and behind-the-scenes footage from his appearance at Southern California’s Wango Tango concert and the Inspiration recording sessions.
“It’s more about the life of William Hung,” said the twenty-one-year-old Hung, who was in Toronto on Sunday to “sing” “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” at the Blue Jays-Rangers game to a mixed reaction from fans.
He also revealed that he will begin work on his second album and will be shooting a movie in August in Hong Kong. When Hung was asked for more information about both projects, his mother signaled to him and he then responded “no comment” and “confidential, sorry.”
Pressed about the album, Hung added, “It will include original songs and cover songs. There will be more bands this time. That’s all I can tell you.”
The new album will be aided by the singing lessons he is currently taking. As to whether Hung currently thinks he’s a good singer, he answered, “No comment.”