I just have one question: “Why is he leaving?!?! He is a TV star, not a movie star. Jimmy, you should have stayed, just like Lovitz should have stayed. Look at Lovitz’s career? All he does is Sandler cameos. What are you going to do?!?!

Fallon Signs Off of ‘Saturday Night Live’
NEW YORK – Say goodbye to Jimmy Fallon on “Saturday Night Live.” Fallon announced that he was leaving the comedy show at the end of his “Weekend Update” segment with Tina Fey on Saturday, the show’s last original episode of the season.
It was no surprise to NBC executives.
“He had made it clear that he wanted to move on and we wish him all the best,” Jeff Zucker, president of the NBC Universal Television Group, said Monday.
“SNL” gave Fallon a fond send-off, with a long skit featuring one of his signature characters, a nasally voiced and obnoxious radio disc jockey.
Fallon, 29, joined “Saturday Night Live” in 1998.