Woo hoooo!!! I voted for Rupert!

‘Survivor’ Gives Rupert $1M Consolation
NEW YORK – Rupert Boneham, the bushy-bearded giant from Indianapolis who was an audience favorite during the last two “Survivor” games, won a $1 million consolation prize during a special edition of the CBS game on Thursday
CBS said 38 million people cast votes for the second $1 million winner, a gimmick that brought an “American Idol” flavor to the long-running game. Host Jeff Probst even called it “America’s Tribal Council.”
The “Survivor All-Stars” finale on Sunday was seen by just under 25 million people, according to Nielsen Media Research.
Three other men were the top vote-getters behind Boneham: Tom Buchanan, the jolly drawler from Virginia; Colby Donaldson, the hunk from Texas; and “Boston Rob” Mariano, the runner-up during “Survivor: All-Stars” to his fiancee, Amber Brkich.
For the investment of a $1 million prize, CBS got one more hour of “Survivor”-related programming during a ratings “sweeps” month, and is likely to earn more in advertising profits than it spent.
Mariano and Brkich, the final two contestants on Sunday who became engaged during the finale, said a network ó they didn’t reveal which one ó had already talked to them about televising their wedding.
Would they be interested?
“If the price is right,” Mariano said.
Viewers voted his fiancee the sexiest “Survivor.” Donaldson was deemed the hottest male.