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He’ll Be Back Again and Again?
A scooper at Dark Horizons talked to producers Mario Kassar and Andrew Vajna who said that that they are working on TERMINATOR 4. “We are gearing up for some very huge projects! We are focusing all of our energies on Terminator 4! We have an amazing idea that will make sci-fi movie goers†cheer. It stays true to the Terminator universe says Vajna. Arnold will be back for this one, but for how long he will be in the film is the question right now.”
X2 producer Lauren Schuler Donner told Sci Fi Wire that X3 will film in June 2005 and be released in May 2006. Also, she added, “I tried to get Beast in the first one and the second one, but it was always too expensive. So, yeah, I’m really dying to get Beast in, and I’d love to get Gambit in, because he’s such a cool guy. And there’s some really good casting ideas for Gambit.”
A Warner Bros spy got a chance to look at the offices of the long-troubled SUPERMAN project; the spy didn’t shed too favorable a light on the project. “It appears that they are going with the scripts JJ Abrams wrote,” said the report. “I got a chance to read it a few months back and I know what a pile of crap that was. I heard that they were going to change a few things around in it but from what I saw it looks like they went with the original draft….” However, Wolfgang Petersen, at one time attached to BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN, says that the project has been shelved.