Who Gives A Rat's Ass

Boo hooo!!

Former “Survivor” all- star Jerri Manthey is not handling rejection well.
The wanna-be actress and three-time reality show star spent part of yesterday explaining why she stormed off the set of Sunday’s live “Survivor” reunion during a commercial break.
“I was pretty upset. I didn’t get to finish making my point,” Manthey – a veteran of two editions of “Survivor”- said on yesterday’s “The Early Show.”
She was booed by the nearly 5,000 people in the audience at Madison Square Garden during a “Survivor” wild-and-woolly telecast that crowned winner Amber Brkich, 25, and allowed runner-up “Boston Rob” Mariano, 28, to propose marriage to her.
“The point was that this show for entertainment comes at a price,” she said of “Survivor.” “Some of the costs for us [are] friendships and feelings.”
With 25 million viewers, the ratings for the reunion were in fact slightly better than the two-hour finale, which drew more than 24 million viewers.
Manthey, who had a lot to say while on “Survivor,” was uncharacteristically taciturn on “The Early Show.”
She could not be reached for comment yesterday – even by CBS officials who said she was tired and had returned to her hotel room but was not answering the phone.
Manthey is expected to appear Thursday with all of the “all-star” castaways in a Manhattan studio for a live 8 p.m. telecast in which one will be awarded $1 million, based on viewers’ votes.