Estee Lauder Dead at 97
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Estee Lauder, who took a family recipe for skin cream and a passion for female beauty and turned them into a $10 billion cosmetics empire, died on Saturday at her home in Manhattan, a spokeswoman for the company that bears her name said on Sunday.
Estee Lauder company spokeswoman Sally Susman said she was 97 and died of cardiopulmonary failure, but gave no further details of the cause of death.
Lauder, who founded her company in 1946, prospered by offering women the promise of eternal youth and beauty with an aura of cool, upper-class refinement.
She had not been actively involved for 10 years in the management of the company, which markets its products in 130 countries, Susman said. Lauder’s son Leonard Lauder is currently chairman of the company.