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SCTV DVD Set 1 – What’s Changed
While it appears the company releasing SCTV on DVD has done a pretty good job securing music for the new set, there have been some things taken out of the upcoming box set.
Here is what’s different show by show:
* Episode 1: The end credits music has been changed to a generic theme; the original had a recording of “Thanks for the Memories.”
* Episode 2: Part 1 of Polynesiantown has been moved forward, swapped with Brenda Vaccaro commercial and Sammy Maudlin. Again, the end credits music has been changed to a generic theme.
* Episode 3: The Star Wars music in Empires Are A Girl’s Best Friend has been changed to a similar-sounding theme.
* Episode 4: No changes!
* Episode 5: No changes!
* Episode 6: The repeat of Indira has been removed. The Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young music (Gerry Todd Show) has been changed, though the “White Christmas” vocals remain.
* Episode 7: The bumper for The Nobel has been moved from the first break to the very last piece in the show. The Kovak Expert commercial has been moved from segment 2 to segment 5. The bumper for The Tubes on Scuttlebutt Lodge has been removed. A seemingly new (?) bumper for Roy Orbison has been inserted before his performance of “Working for the Man.” Bumpers for The Silly Bastard and One On the Town have been reshuffled throughout the show.
* Episode 8: No changes!
* Episode 9: Max Lax and Shakespeare in the park have been swapped in the running order. The Mckenzie Brothers National Anthem music has been replaced with the GWN theme. Fantasy Island has been moved to the end of the show and its SCTV Afternoon Movie identifier has been removed. Finally, many bumpers have been shuffled.