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Tarantino Says This Won’t be the End of the Bride

LOS ANGELES ( – “Kill Bill Vol. 2” will bring the revenge saga to a close when it opens on April 16, but the director reveals that he may not be through with the story of the Bride and the Deadly Vipers Assassination Squad yet.
“In the writing of the film, since I’m creating my own mythology from the ground up, I had to figure out that mythology, I had to really figure out what’s going on,” Tarantino says. “In the course of doing that I came up with all these cool stories and all these cool tales and these interesting things that would just bog everything down if I tried to get them across. So now that the mythology is set up, I’d like to explore it in a few different ways.”
While there are no deals signed as of yet, Quentin Tarantino says that he is planning to do a couple of spin-offs of some of the other characters in the films.
“I have an idea about writing, like I did for the animation section in ‘Vol. 1,’ a Japanese anime feature about the origins of Bill — how Bill became Bill, you know, and deal with his three godfathers — Esteban Vihaio, Hattori Hanzo and Pei Mei,” he says, adding that for other ideas about the Bride or any of the DiVAS, he might do a “Frank Miller-style graphic novel or something.”
In addition, Tarantino is thinking of, maybe in a few years, doing a follow-up to the Bride’s story.
“I do have an idea that maybe 15 years from now, doing the last chapter in the story. But it wouldn’t star the Bride, it would star Nikki, Vernita’s daughter, and she would be the star of it and she would be 20 years old,” he says. “It would be Nikki going out to get revenge on the Bride. Uma wouldn’t be the star, she’d kind of be the bad guy, because the little girl kind of deserves her revenge.”
He says he might even shoot some footage for the project in the next couple years, while the actors are still young so that he can “stick them in a vault until I need them.” Up next for the director is “Inglorious Bastards,” a World War II films that the director has describes as a Spaghetti Western set in Nazi Germany.