Good for Jay!

Jason Mewes Celebrates Year of Sobriety
NEW YORK – Jason Mewes, Jay in the “Jay and Silent Bob” movies, is celebrating one year of sobriety today. His pal, director Kevin Smith, says he thinks Mewes is off heroin, OxyContin and booze for good now.
He says even though Mewes has had several relapses in the past, he doesn’t think he’ll have another slip. Smith can see for himself. Mewes lives with Smith and his wife.
“He just doesn’t even really think about doing drugs anymore. He’ll always be a drug abuser at heart, I mean it’s something you can’t escape, he’ll always have that. But he says right now in his life he just doesn’t need it,” Smith told AP Radio.
Smith says he may even be up for making another “Jay and Silent Bob” film. “I’ve been hanging out with Mewes pretty tight for the last six months and that always leads me kind of right down that path again because he is Jay in many ways,” Smith told AP Radio.
Mewes seems eager to start acting again and may even make an appearance in Smith’s latest venture, “The Green Hornet.”
“I told him I wanted to use him in “Green Hornet.” And he goes ‘I knew it dude you want me to be the Hornet.’ And I said ‘No dude, you’re not going to be the Hornet but you’ll be in the Hornet,” Smith told AP Radio.