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Pregnant Debra Messing Out of ‘Will & Grace’ Finale
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Actress Debra Messing, co-star of the NBC hit comedy “Will & Grace,” has been ordered to stay off her feet for the rest of her pregnancy, forcing her to miss the show’s final four episodes this season, the network said on Tuesday.
An NBC spokesman said production of the Thursday night sitcom has been quietly proceeding for the past three weeks without Messing, 35, who is eight months pregnant and expecting her first child with screenwriter-husband Daniel Zelman at the end of April.
Messing’s spokeswoman, Annett Wolf, said the flame-haired actress is doing “great,” though her doctor “ordered her to be careful and take it easy, and preferably bed rest.” She added there were “no complications” with the pregnancy.
As a result, her character is being written out of the final episodes, including the one-hour season finale set to air April 29 with a guest appearance by singer-actress Jennifer Lopez.
Messing won an Emmy Award last year as best actress for her role as Grace Adler Markus, a straight interior designer who is best friends with a gay lawyer named Will.
The finale, which is being filmed this week, will center around the wedding of Grace’s outlandish friend, Karen, who is played by Megan Mullally. She is getting married to a character played by British comedian John Cleese.
The network spokesman said he did not have details about how Messing’s character was being written out of the show for the finale but said it would involve Grace being sick and unable to attend the wedding. Last season, Grace married her new love interest, played by Harry Connick Jr.
Although a previous story line involved Grace attempting to have a baby fathered by Will, Messing’s character is not pregnant on the show, which requires producers to obscure her condition this season with a lot of shots of her sitting down and wearing loose-fitting clothes.
“Will & Grace,” nearing the end of its sixth season, is one of NBC’s top-rated shows in prime time and has averaged about 15.4 million viewers this season.