She’s full of it!

Jackson Tells Letterman Flicker of Breast ‘An Accident’
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Returning to the television network which broadcast her infamous Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction, pop star Janet Jackson insisted on Monday the flicker of breast “was an accident.”
Jackson appeared on the “Late Show with David Letterman” where she promoted her latest recording, “Damita Jo,” due in stores on Tuesday.
In her first network interview since the Feb. 1 Super Bowl dcollet drama, Jackson wore a low-cut red dress equipped with a red buckle that showed off the singer’s midriff.
“Welcome to the show. Now, that’s almost malfunctioning isn’t it?” the talk show host quipped about the dress soon after Jackson walked on stage.
Public outrage about Jackson’s flash of nudity during the Super Bowl half-time show sparked a Federal Communications Commission probe, congressional action to stiffen fines for broadcast indecency and an industry-wide crackdown on sexually explicit material on TV and radio.
Peppered with questions about the bearing of her right breast at the end of her duet with Justin Timberlake, Jackson repeatedly told Letterman the incident was not intentional.
“It truly was an accident. It was very embarrassing for me to have so many people see this little breast,” Jackson said softly in a voice reminiscent of actress Marilyn Monroe. “It was supposed to kind of happen like that, but I wasn’t supposed to come out of it the way I did.”
To which Letterman shot back: “What was supposed to happen … clowns jumping out of a car?”