Man am I stoked!!!!

A Message From Sammy
Late Friday afternoon, Sammy Hagar’s official website posted a message from the current lead singer of Van Halen, briefly addressing the reunion, the state of his solo band, and reconfirming that his birthday bash will take place at the Cabo Wabo Cantina this October.
Message From Sammy!
Sorry I couldnít keep everyone up to speed on the VH stuff but until it was final we all swore to secrecy. So lay off my webmaster!!
First of all, the Wabos are great! They will be on pay through all this and everything is upfront with them. They might be doing gigs in Tahoe at the Wabo with other artists this year and writing new songs at our new studio (Red Rocker Recording).
Weíre gonna have a blast at the opening of the Tahoe Wabo and the Tequila bash in Atlantic City. Then Iím off to VH rehearsals. Iím totally excited about the tour.
The music’s a w e s o m e! “Itís About Time” 1st track, Yikessssssss!!
See ya at the b-bash in October!
Love ya,