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Avril Lavigne a temper girl
Avril Lavigne lashed out at fellow teen queen Hilary Duff and then trashed a photo of herself on air during an angry interview with a Boston radio station last week.
The Boston Herald reported it was an ever-the-rebel Lavigne who appeared on the MIX 98.5 morning show, firing off when the subject of “goody two-shoes” Duff — who was not present — came up.
“You,” she said to Duff over the airwaves, “can go screw yourself.”
The 19-year-old Napanee native told show host John Lander she has never dissed her fans for adopting her popular but short-lived tie-and-tank look, as Duff is reported to recently have admonished her for doing, saying instead she thinks it’s a compliment when they emulate her style.
“I’m like, ‘Who are you to talk about me? You should know better,’ ” said Lavigne. “Don’t talk trash with me.”
Lavigne then spotted a photo of herself on Lander’s studio wall which she proceeded to rip down and throw out.
“I hate that (bleeping) photo,” said Lavigne.
Lavigne first struck back at Duff (who is reported to have called Lavigne mean-spirited and said “I was like, ‘You should be happy that these people like you and look up to you!’ “) in a recent interview with Newsweek, calling her a “mommy’s girl.”
“I’m sure she’s really nice and sweet,” she said sarcastically. “I’m sure she’s all smiles.”
Lavigne is currently promoting her eagerly awaited sophomore album Under My Skin, due out May 25.
Lavigne and Duff may seem dramatically different, but they have at least one thing in common besides their singing careers. The trio of hitmakers known as the Matrix pitched in to help write songs on both their debuts, Duff’s Metamorphosis and Lavigne’s 14 million-selling Let Go.