Complete Weezer DVD Details

Here’s a complete look at what’s on Weezer’s “Video Capture Device”:
Undone – The Sweater Song
Buddy Holly
Say It Ainít So
El Scorcho (directors cut)
The Good Life
Pink Triangle (home made no budget)
Hash Pipe
Island In The Sun (Marcos Siega)
Island In The Sun (Spike Jonze)
Dope Nose
Keep Fishiní
Slob (indie style low budget)
Documentary, B-roll, and Live stuff:
Undone – the Sweater song (Alternate version)
“Weezer Goes To NY: The Making of The Blue Album”
In The Garage (live)
Jamie (Live)
“Buddy Holly News”
“Saction” (spring 1995 tour action)
Say It Ain’t So (B-roll version)
Say It Ain’t So (live – Dave Letterman)
“Weezer Goes To Van Nuys: The Making of Pinkerton”
El Scorcho (live)
The Good Life (B-roll version)
Pink Triangle (Live and Acoustic)
Mykel and Carli (Live)
My Brain (Live)
“Stoopid Fresh” (green album preparations)
“How Not To Do An Interview”
Dope Nose (B-roll version)
“Eurotrash” (2002 tour action)
Take Control (Live)
Fall Together (Pre-Show Warmup)
Prodigy Lover (demo session)
Also, there will be a selection of 5 “Raw Nuggets” from 1991-2002, generally rougher footage, but still of very cool events, plus a selection of the TV ads crafted over the years to promote the release of the band’s albums. There will be optional band commentary on all the music videos and on about half of the “Documentary” and “Raw Nuggets” pieces.