Brosnan Bond Story Number 2

Brosnan Unsure About Spears Bond Rumor
LOS ANGELES – If pop singer Britney Spears is going to be a Bond girl, it’s news to James Bond’s Pierce Brosnan. The actor says he knows nothing about Spears becoming a Bond girl, in spite of rumors to that effect.
Brosnan says, “Bless her cotton socks and good luck to her.” If given a choice, Brosnan says he’d like Keira Knightley or Monica Belucci to be in a Bond movie.
While the 21st Bond movie is supposed to be in theaters November of next year, Brosnan says the producers are having a hard time of it. He says “there’s a certain sense of paralysis that has kind of blanketed production at the moment. The last Bond broke all records. They don’t know what to do.”
Add to that the matriarch of the Bond empire, Dana Broccoli, recently passed away. Brosnan calls the Broccoli’s death “a terrible loss.” But, when things do get moving and the next Bond movie is ready to be filmed, Pierce Brosnan will be there. The actor has appeared in four Bond movies and says they know where to find him, “if they want to set sail with a fifth.”