Brosnan Bond Story Number 1

Bond’s glass half empty
HOLLYWOOD — James Bond is in limbo but Pierce Brosnan is neither shaken nor stirred.
“We’ve reached an impasse with the producers. They seem to be paralyzed and can’t move forward,” says Brosnan who starred as 007 in the last four Bond films.
It had been announced that Brosnan would do a fifth Bond film for the franchise, but the Irish actor insists “it is nowhere near a done deal but they know where to find me.
“I was prepared to do a fifth film and then walk away, and we had started negotiations, so I want to follow through but conversations and telephone calls have dried up.”
Brosnan feels “the bar for these movies was raised so high with the last one and they don’t seem to know how to improve on it. They don’t have a script or a director so the rumours that we will begin filming in the fall are just rumours.”
Brosnan, who stars opposite Julianne Moore in the romantic comedy Laws of Attraction opening April 30, is heading off to Mexico City to begin filming The Matador with Greg Kinnear and Hope Davis.