The War Returns to This World
Tom Cruise will star in a remake of THE WAR OF THE WORLDS, with Steven Spielberg directing.
Spielberg will direct from a script by Josh Friedman and rewritten by David Koepp, which is based on H.G. Wells’ novel. The novel was originally set in the 19th century, when atmospheric disturbances are detected on Mars. No one knows what to make of the reports until an invasion force lands outside London.
At first, the world laughs at the Martians because they cannot adjust to the Earth’s increased gravity. However, they soon learn their lesson when giant death machines begin laying waste to the world.
Spielberg and Cruise hope the film could start late in 2005. Meanwhile, Spielberg will likely direct THE RIVALS, which effectively scuttles any plans for INDIANA JONES IV, which has stalled because George Lucas threw out Frank Darabont’s script.
Dreamworks and Paramount will fianance the pic. Cruise’s C/W Productions will produce.