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In the Couch Potato Report This Week there’s two films based on the lives of
real people, 21 grams and a complete failure.
Movies based on real people are always interesting. If it has the words
“Based On A True Story” on the video box or DVD sleeve it is usually going
to be worth your time.
That’s definitely true about this week’s first new release.
VERONICA GUERIN is the “Based On A True Story” cinematic telling of the life
and work of Irish journalist Veronica Guerin.
Guerin was a well-known reporter who was murdered in 1996 by the drug
dealers she was attempting to expose. The fact that many of us in North
America don’t know her, or her story, makes this an interesting movie. I
suspect that anyone who knows Guerin’s work and life story might be a bit
VERONICA GUERIN is a movie that’s worth your time as Cate Blanchett does her
usual tremendous job as the leading character. Unfortunately the movie lets
her down.
We get to see Guerin at work, but there is no explanation given whatsoever
to regarding why she risks her life, and the lives of her family, for the
stories she’s working on.
At the end of VERONICA GUERIN I was entertained but not satisfied. I wanted
to know more about her.
If the point of the picture was to leave me wanting more, it succeeded. If
it wanted me to know all about Veronica Guerin – the person – then it
So think of VERONICA GUERIN as a unsatisfactory “Based On A True Story”
film, but a great introduction to the person who was Veronica Guerin.
For the complete Veronica Guerin experience do a Google-search on her after
you’ve seen the film and you’ll get some of the answers you crave.
No type of internet search engine will get you quick answers to some of the
questions posed in the film 21 GRAMS.
The first half of 21 GRAMS is a bit confusing, quite disorientating and even
irritating. The movie takes it’s sweet old time weaving together the stories
of the three main characters in a chronologically random fashion.
If you like your movies to unfold in front of you from start to finish then
stay away from 21 GRAMS.
Eventually we find out that a horrific car accident has brought the lives of
three strangers together.
Oscar winner Sean Penn stars along with Naomi Watts and Benicio Del Toro,
who were both nominated for their work in this picture. All three actors
give, very honest, bold performances and if the movie just told the story in
a straight line then perhaps it would have been very powerful.
MEMENTO and PULP FICTION told their stories out of order and were
captivating from start to finish. Once you’ve realized what’s happening in
21 GRAMS there just isn’t enough to recommend.
21 GRAMS is a pretty good film with some great acting, but it just falls a
bit short of what it could have been.
It’s not a failure, but it isn’t truly successful either.
On the other hand, the 80 minute film version of Dr. Seuss’ classic 72 page
book THE CAT IN THE HAT is a complete failure.
Starring the exceptionally talented Mike Myers this live-action version of
the famous Dr. Seuss story is padded out with special effects and a few
risquÈ moments that were not in the original book.
The movie version of THE CAT IN THE HAT is an insult to one of the most
beloved characters in children’s literature, and a bigger insult to Dr.
Should you find yourself in in the mood to be entertained by a talking cat
who will help to break up the boredom of a rainy day just pick up the book
Another movie based on a good book has been getting a lot of attention these
So with Mel Gibson’s THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST ringing up box-office bucks
across North America to the tune of over $250 million, it’s never been a
better time to re-visit MONTY PYTHON’S LIFE OF BRIAN.
This classic film takes on the story of the Messiah in a hysterical,
satirical way.
The story follows the misadventures of Brian, who was born just down the
street in Bethlehem on the same night as another famous baby.
LIFE OF BRIAN culminates with the the classic finale song, “Always Look on
the Bright Side of Life.”
Originally released in 1979 LIFE OF BRIAN remains one of Monty Python’s
funniest achievements.
Its not for everyone, but then again neither is Mel Gibson’s THE PASSION OF
LIFE OF BRIAN are available right now at your favourite local video store.
There’s a whole bunch of failed box office releases.
GOTHIKA is about a criminal psychologist who wakes up in mental hospital.
Halle Berry, Penelope Cruz, Robert Downey Jr. topline the cast.
A bounty hunter and a fugitive team up to find treasure in THE RUNDOWN.
Wrestler The Rock and AMERICAN PIE’S Seann William Scott star along with the
luscious Rosario Dawson.
In HONEY a dancer must choose to dance or not to dance after being
blackmailed by her mentor. I don’t have to see this to know that this HONEY
has more to do with Poo than Pooh. DARK ANGEL’S Jessica Alba leads a cast
that also includes Mekhi Phifer and rapper Lil’ Romeo.
Enjoy the movies and I’ll see you back here next week on The Couch!