Awesome!!! Absolutely and totally awesome!!!!!!

SCTV is back on the air
SCTV Volume 1 is coming to DVD this spring!!
Welcome to Melonville (of the Tri-State area), home of the SCTV television network and programs such as popular game show “What’s My Shoe Size?,” disco dance program “Mel’s Rock Pile” and Canada’s intelligent talk show “Great White North.” SCTV is once again “On The Air.
Instead of a ìbest-ofî collection, the episodes will be released in order starting with the first nine ninety minute episodes. The 5-disc set contains four new documentaries: “SCTV Remembers” “Origins of SCTV”, “The Craft of SCTV”, “Remembering John” and “The SCTV Reunion”. The set will be packaged with a 24-page booklet, and essays and tributes by Conan O’Brien, Ben Stiller, Fred Willard, Dan Ackroyd and Dr. John, accompanied by images of rare photographs and memorabilia.
The set will arrive on June 8th, with the price tag of $89.95.
I’d easily pay twice that!