Janet Jackson Is In A Semi-Revealing Topless Shot On New CD

Jackson Covering Up Bare Breasts In CD Photo
Janet Jackson can’t blame a wardrobe malfunction for her look on her new CD cover.
That’s because Jackson — already embroiled in controversy over her and Justin Timberlake’s breast-baring stunt during the Super Bowl halftime show Feb. 1 — is topless on the cover of her new CD.
The cover of the CD shows her topless, with her arms crossed over her breasts. It’s a side shot of Jackson that ends a few inches below the curve of her lower back, just above the top of her low-rise jeans.
A spokesman for her record label said Jackson wanted a “simple and youthful picture” for the cover.
The release, called “Damita Jo” — the same as her nickname — is due in stores in March.
Meanwhile, the heads of Viacom and the National Football League are apologizing on Capitol Hill for the breast-baring incident.
Viacom President Mel Karmazin said that while the company can be proud of 99 percent of what people saw on the CBS broadcast, it understands “what a difference one percent can make.”
NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue said the show produced by MTV, which, like CBS is owned by Viacom, fell far short of the “tasteful, first-class entertainment” the league expected.
Tagliabue said the NFL should have done more to make sure it was suitable.
Their remorse came as members of House and Senate panels expressed outrage at what they say are rising cases of indecency on the nation’s airwaves.
Federal Communications Commissioner Michael Powell, appearing before a Senate panel, called the Super Bowl incident “a new low for prime time television.”