Remember, its a “continuation” of the original and not a “sequel.”

Berlin Cheers Linklater Sequel ‘Before Sunset’
BERLIN (Reuters) – Director Richard Linklater’s long-awaited sequel to his award-winning 1994 French-American love story “Before Sunrise” got loud cheers at its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival on Tuesday.
But Linklater and “Before Sunset” stars Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke said they prefer to call the new film about an improbable rendezvous in Paris of two lost lovers a “continuation” of the original set in Vienna and not a “sequel.”
“The term ‘sequel’ has weird connotations,” Linklater told usually fickle Berlinale journalists who applauded his film at the premiere and news conference. “‘Sequel’ means ‘economic interest’, and are often done a year or two after the original.
“This obviously wasn’t the case,” he added, rejecting any notion that cynical commercial reasons were behind his sequel. “We did it for personal reasons. We had been talking about it since wrapping up ‘Before Sunrise’. We finally got serious three or four years ago. It was only a matter of ‘when’ and ‘how’.”
“Before Sunrise,” which earned Linklater a Silver Bear as best director at the 1995 Berlinale, was a romantic drama about an American traveling through Europe meeting by chance a French woman on a train. They spend 24 hours together, fall in love and before her train leaves they promise to meet in six months.
That film, which cost just $2.4 million but had a box office of more than $20 million, left its devoted audiences entangled in endless debates about whether they meet up again or not. Romantics argued they did, while cynics said they didn’t.
The mystery is finally resolved in “Before Sunset” when Hawke, who now plays a best-selling author, meets Delpy in Paris at the end of a European promotion tour for a novel written, ironically, about their love affair in Vienna.
This time they have just 90 minutes to sort out their emotions, lives since Vienna and next moves. In the 90-minute film shot in just 15 days it emerges they both searched for each other after a tragedy prevented a Vienna rendezvous.
“This finishes something missing for me,” said Delpy, who with Hawke and Linklater wrote the engaging screenplay. “This is a continuation of the story with the same characters.”
Hawke added: “The way the first one ended pretty much begs to do this — but we were scared and that’s why we waited so long. If we made a second film that wasn’t good, it wouldn’t just be one bad film but would ruin the first one.”
“Before Sunset” is one of 23 films competing for Golden and Silver Bear awards at the 11-day Berlin festival, ranked beside Venice and just after Cannes among the world’s top festivals. It will be the first film released by Warner Independent Pictures, a unit of Warner Bros and Time Warner Inc, in June.