Sell out!!! Sell out!!!!!

Britney, Beyonce, Pink Do Pepsi – Sell Out? It’s Art
LONDON (Reuters) – Imagine you wrote a great pop song. Now imagine you get to watch Britney Spears, Beyonce and Pink all sing it together. On a giant set in Rome with Enrique Iglesias. †
“I will die happy,” said Brian May, guitarist for the group Queen whose hit anthem “We will Rock You” is being made into — of all things — a Pepsi commercial with the three priciest divas in pop and the world’s number one Latin heartthrob.
The three female superstars were mobbed by screaming fans on London’s Trafalgar Square on Monday, where the song was blasted into the evening sky.
The Gladiator-themed commercial was filmed in Rome with Iglesias in the role of the evil emperor. It was given a Hollywood-style premier at London’s National Gallery on Monday.
May insisted the project wasn’t a sell-out.
“I think in the end, it will be a good piece of art. There is more money and more talent per second in an ad than in anything else,” he told Reuters.
“It was incredible to work with the three of them, and hear the song come to life in a new way. Freddie would definitely have enjoyed it,” he said of Freddie Mercury, Queen’s late frontman.
Spears, signing autographs for hordes of fans craning over the crash barriers, was also thrilled with her co-stars:
“It’s amazing to work with artists like Pink and Beyonce. It’s really, really cool. You want to pinch yourself,” she told Reuters. “This was a thrill beyond belief.”
But don’t ask her about the wedding.
Questions about her two-day Las Vegas marriage to a childhood friend were strictly off limits as she met the world’s media. Perhaps quickie marriages don’t sell cola.