Don’t do it, Bruce!!

‘Die Hard 4’? Maybe …
LOS ANGELES รณ As Bruce Willis dives into new projects, an upcoming movie role (Hostage) and a producing credit on a USA cable series (Touching Evil, premiering in March), the actor still plans to revisit an old one via Die Hard 4.
“We’re working on it. Fox wants to do it. I want to do it. It depends on the script,” says Willis, 48, whose tough, wise-cracking cop, John McClane, became a pop culture favorite.
Willis, sporting a full, salt-and-pepper beard for his role as a hostage negotiator in Hostage, wouldn’t say that the project, which would be the first Die Hard movie since 1995, is a done deal.
“After the first Die Hard, I said I wasn’t going to do any more Die Hards, and I did two more. So I don’t make predictions anymore. If they get the script right and it seems like an interesting story … ”
However, that’s a challenge for the franchise in the post-9/11 world, said the actor, who appeared at the semi-annual TV press tour in Los Angeles to promote Touching Evil, which he’s executive-producing.
“It’s hard today to do. The whole Die Hard trilogy so far has been based on some element of terrorism, and it’s difficult in today’s world to do stories that fictionally portray terrorism,” Willis says.
As for his romance with Brooke Burns, 25, the actor says: “It’s going great.”