What about Denise Richards and Neve Campbell in “Wild Things”…oh, wait. That was a good love scene.

Bad Love
Sharon Stone’s love scene with pint-sized Joe Pesci in “Casino” has been voted the worst of all time by the readers of Film magazine.
The unappealing assignation beat out the less-than-stiff competition from “Entrapment,” in which the ancient Sean Connery bedded Catherine Zeta-Jones, who is 40 years his junior.
Snagging third place was Marlon Brando’s tacky tryst with Maria Schneider in “Last Tango in Paris.”
Describing the “Casino” scene, one Film reader cracked, “Could there be a more repulsive combination than these two? It’s like one of the munchkins got a shot at Dorothy from ‘The Wizard of Oz.’ ”
Other scenes that made the magazine’s 10 worst include Madonna’s creepy candle-wax session with Willem Dafoe in “Body of Evidence” and Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton’s simulated sofa sex in “Monster’s Ball.”