Either way, I’m cool.

There’s no word yet whether “Everybody Loves Raymond” will return for another season, said star Patricia Heaton.
“It’s a huge mystery for all of us on the set,” Heaton said.
CBS certainly would like the series to return. “Raymond” has been a Nielsen ratings hit during its eight-season run and is this fall’s fifth highest-rated show. But executive producers Ray Romano and Phil Rosenthal have said this might be its final season.
Romano and Heaton star in the Emmy-winning sitcom as Raymond and Debra Barone, a couple who argues virtually nonstop. Peter Boyle and Doris Roberts play Raymond’s meddling parents, Frank and Marie, who live across the street.
“Ray and Phil are trying to figure out if we have enough stories to continue; we’ve had eight memorable seasons,” Heaton said. “I certainly would like to do another year, but I want it to be wonderful.
“I think we’ll know in January,” Heaton added.